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PhD, 1999, Forest Research Institute Dehradun, India

M.Sc. (Ag.), 1984, Kerala Agricultural University

BSc. (Ag.), 1981, Kerala Agricultural University

Professional Experience

Professor, Agrl.Economics, Kerala Agricultural University, 22.03.07 continuing

Associate Professor (Agrl. Economics),  22.03.1999 to 22.03.2007, Kerala Agricultural University

Assistant Professor (Sr.Scale) Agrl.Economics, 1.11.1995 to 22.03.1999, Kerala Agricultural University

Agricultural Officer, Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala, 12.10.1983 to 31.10.1987

Awards/Distinctions/Academic Position

  1. SANDEE Associate,South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics

  2. Ford Foundation Fellowship for Ph.D. programme at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.,India

  3. Women & Development Pilot Project Award of Shastri Indo Canadian Institute (1999-2000) for project work on `Women in agribusiness-constraint analysis to ensure sustainable efficiency` at University of British Colombia, Canada.

  4. Letter of appreciation from Indian Council for Forestry research and Education for the project report on Economics of Teak Plantations in Kerala

 Academic Visits/Trainings Abroad  :

University of Brtish Columbia,Canada - As reseacher

Third World Congress on Environmental resource Economics, Japan- paper presentation

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand-Attending workshops/training programmes

Singapore-Attended Workshop

SriLanka- Attended Workshop

Nepal -Attended Workshop/ Invited expert by the Ministry of Agriculture,Govt.of Nepal

International Trainings in Environmental Economics

  1. Training programme organised by South Asian Network for Development and Environmental  Economics/World bank

  2. Policy Analysis in Environmental Economics(22 – 24 May, 2011) AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.

  3. Economics of climate change

  4. Sampling methods for Environmental Economics

  5. Introduction to natural resources and Environmental Economics

Major Research Grants

As Principal Investigator

  1. Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, New Delhi, Supply side Constraints in Organic Agricultural Production-The study of organic input markets in Kerala. (2010-2013)

  2. Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi - Is farm labour compensated for occupational risk? An Attempt employing   hedonic wage model. (2009-2011)

  3. Kerala State Council for Science ,Technology and Environment - Pesticide use and crop productivity in food crops of Kerala.(2006-09).

  4. South Asian Network  for Development and Environmental Economics - Pesticide use in rice production and human health-A study in Kerala

  5. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi - Agribusiness opportunities in Kerala – Constraint analysis to ensure sustainable efficiency

  6. World Bank aided India: Environmental Economics Capacity Building Programme - Pricing of irrigation water in Kerala with special reference to environmental management.

  7. Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun,India Economics of teak plantations in Kerala.

  8. Shastri Indo Canadian Institute, Canada -  Women in agribusiness-constraint analysis to ensure sustainable efficiency

  9. Kerala Samoohya Jalasechana Samithy, Government of Kerala, India - Analysis of impact of irrigation on small household plots of Thrissur district

  10. Institute of Rural Management, Anand, Gujarat, India - Participatory marketing management for vegetables in Kerala.

  11. Kerala Agricultural University -  Analysis of sustainability and economic viability of rice farming systems in Thrissur district

b) As Associate:

  1. National Agricultural Innovation project (ICAR/World Bank) -  Multi Enterprise Farming Models To Address the Agrarian Crisis of Wayanad District of Kerala. National Agricultural Innovation Project

  2. Environment Management Agency, Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala -  Food Safety through Crop Management- Developing a Management Plan

  3. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development -  Rural Women Empowerment through Agro-processing and Value Addition

  4. UNCTAD. Impact of RTAs/PTAs on Kerala’s Agriculture.

  5. Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram., Kerala,India -  Studies on Marketing Pattern of Jack Fruit in Thrissur District. Financial Support from

  6. Kerala State Co-operative Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund,Kerala,India. Viability of Co-operative Credit – An analysis of crop loans in Trichur district. 

  7. Kerala State Co-operative Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund, Kerala, India. Growth performance and profitability model for district co-operative banks in Kerala.  

Major Advisor of Post Graduate Student Research


  • Economic Valuation of mangrove ecosystems in Kerala

  • Groundwater irrigation: Management, adaptation and economic costs under declining resource conditions. ( ongoing)


  • Determinants and dynamics of lease land farming: The case of pineapple farming (ongoing)

  • Socioeconomic vulnerability and adaptive strategies to environmental risk- A case study of water scarcity in Agriculture

  • Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in Paddy production

  • Demand for environmental quality: the case of ecofriendly inputs in crop production

  • Integrated Pest  Management in rice production: resource  use efficiency and relative   economics

  •  Economics of commercial production and utilization of medicinal rice (Oryza sativa  L ) njavara

  •  Analysis of market economy of medicinal plants in Kerala

  •  Economics of Vegetable Seed Production in Chittur Taluk of Palakkad District

  • Orchid and Anthurium Industry in Kerala : A Study of Home Scale Units

Research Papers (Published) :

(List of Recent  ones)

Devi, P. I., 2012. Dynamics of Farm Labour Use- An empirical Analysis, Agricultural Economic Research Review. 25(2): 317-326

Devi, P.I., Shanmugam, K.R. and Jayasree, M.G., 2012, Compensating Wages for Occupational Risks of farm Workers in India. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 67(2):253-264.

Hema, M. and Devi, P.I. 2012. Socioeconomic Impacts of community-based Management of the Mangrove Reserve in Kerala, India. Journal of Environmental Professionals, 1(2): 30-45.

Devi,P.I;Divya,K;Saijyothi,D.2010.Conservation Agriculture-lessons from field and visión for future. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics.65(3):466(abstract)

Devi.P.I,Hema,M;Jaikumaran,U 2010. Value Chain in Poverty Alleviation — A Model for Institutional Initiatives for Organizing and Capacity Building of Farm Work Force  Agricultural Economics Research Review    23 (Conference Number) : 523-526        

Devi.P.I.2010.Pesticides in Agriculture-A boon or a Curse: A case Study of Kerala. Economic and Political Weekly. XIV (26&27):199-207.

Devi.P.I. 2009.Pesticide Application and Occupational Health Risks among Farm Workers in Kerala-An Analysis using Dose Response Function Indian journal of Agricultural Economics. 64 (4):557-572.

Devi.P.I.2009. Determinants of Pesticide Use, Agricultural Economics Research Journal.Conf. No.  Nov-Dec. 2009

Devi.P.I.2009. Health risk Perceptions,Awareness and Handling Behaviour of Pesticides by Farm Workers, Agricultural Economics Research Journal 22(9):263-268 ; 2009.

Devi,P.I;Rao,GSLHV,P 2008. Weather based agromet advisory services and farm level   economic efficiency  Journal of Agrometeorology.spl.issue-Part I 240-244..

Devi.P.I.2008.Chemical Pest Control investments in Agriculture and Environmental safety.(abs), Indian journal of Agricultural Economics  Conf.No.

Devi.P.I.2007.Health Damages due to Pesticides Use –A study, LEISA INDIA 9(3);28

Devi.P.I.2006. Sustainable livelihood options for rural prosperity:Evidences from Kerala, Agricultural Economics Research Review.19(conf. No.):171.

Devi.P.I,K.P. Mani. 2006; Is irrigation water only used for irrigation ? An attempt on valuation and alternative uses.  Agricultural Economics Research Review19(1): 173-186 . 

Joby.M.Joseph; Devi.P.I 2004. Market economy of medicinal Plants in Kerala. Agricultural Economics Research Review. 18(2):25-34.

Papers presented  in seminar/Symposia/Workshop/Conference etc.

A) International      : 25 nos.

B) National            : 50 Nos.

Invited Speaker

A) International     : 10 nos.

B) National            :  20 Nos.

Membership in Professional Bodies:

  1. Member, International Society for Ecological Economics

  2. Executive Committee member, Agricultural Economics Research Association, New Delhi.(2013-14)

  3. Executive Committee member, Indian Society for Ecological Economics, New Delhi.(2014-16)

  4. Executive Committee Member, Indian Society of Agricultural Economics(2011-13)

  5.  Member,Research  and Advisory Council ,ICAR Research Complex for Goa.

Published works :


  • Pestcides in Agriculture- Practices, Economics, Externalities. Lambert Academic Publishing. Germany. pp.138.(2010)
  • Natural resource management Strategies in a Climate Change Scenario (.Ed)
  • Agrotech Publishers,Udaipur. (forthcoimng)

Chapters in published books:   10

Extension Activities

Popular articles in local language, AIR programme

Teaching Experience : 23 years

At Undergraduate, masters and PhD level

Intitutional build up

  • Has set up the centre of Excellence in Environmental Economics with financial support from Department of Environment and Cliamte Change, Govt. Of Kerala.

  • Organised national and International seminars/workshops and training programme to planners, policy makers and elected representatives


English Arabic French German Hindi Italian Russian Spanish


Centre for Advanced Agricultural Science & Technology (CAAST) for Knowledge and Skill Development on Coconut Based Secondary Agriculture
College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University
Padannakkad (P.O), Kasaragod Dt. Kerala
Kasargod Kerala 671314